Industrial Electronics Institute „PROFEL INNOVATION GROUP” Ltd. guarantees  supreme fulfilment of the project from the beginning to the final product.

We offer wide variety of industrial services in the field of mechanical, plastic, surface and heat processing.

We produce cases and cabinets widely used in industrial automation, mobile networks, but especially in construction of server rooms.

In addition, we produce: components for power distribution centres, mechanical parts for household appliances, parts and components for machines and mechanical constructions.

We offer extensive possibilities as to galvanic coatings (zinc, nickel, copper and chrome plating), moreover we have a modern painting line enabling high-quality powder and spray coating.

We are experienced in cooperation with foreign business partners.

Most of our income is obtained when selling to our clients from Germany, Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden, Spain. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, China and Kazakhstan.

× bst v 12000