The range of our products allows for efficient adjustment of the product to the user's requirements. If the specific nature of your use means that you have limited access to electricity, then a manual winch will be perfect. If you expect to work with heavy vehicles and expect reliability and resistance to difficult working conditions - be sure to check out our hydraulic winches. If you are looking for a winch with high power and very fast operation, then an electric winch is what you are looking for!

winches without secrets - our FAQ

In response to your frequently asked questions, please read a few words about our winches:

1) What is the best winch for a tow truck?

In the case of tow trucks, electric winches work best. An important element when choosing is the power of the winch, it must match the power of the alternator in the vehicle.

2) Which winch for offroad?

Electric winches are best for off-roading. When choosing a winch, you need to pay attention to the pulling force. The weight of the car should be half of the nominal pulling force of the winch.

3) What are the differences between 12V and 24V winch?

12V and 24V winches differ only in voltage.

4) I want to give a gift to an Offroad enthusiast, what do you recommend?

Offroad fans will definitely be happy with: a set of synthetic rope, winch cover, and a bag with accessories (steel line, pulley, gloves).

5) I want to buy a tow truck and equip it to a high standard, what should I remember?

Every tow truck user should have the following accessories: transport belts, shackle, winch, block and hook.