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Electric winches that are the most popular

You want to buy a winch, but you are looking for one that will be quite handy because you will sometimes want to move it? What matters to you is efficiency, wide functionality and speed of work, or low failure rate? And of course you want easy installation? We have a solution for you, which is an electric winch.

Our rich offer will allow you to find the most suitable one for your needs. In the assortment you will find small electric winches to be used, for example, for snow plows, as well as large ones, for mounting on specialized trucks and more. What's more, you can count that in each HusarWinch set, apart from the winch, you will find everything you need, i.e. a rope guide, a steel or synthetic rope with a hook, cable control and a remote control for wireless operation.

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Winches for industry - efficiency, precision and safety

Thanks to our experience in production and great passion, we have created electric winches, also taking into account their use in industry. We paid special attention to the material, which must be durable, and properly selected mechanisms. Thanks to this winches for industry can be used for hard work. Some of our heavy-duty models feature an efficient and reliable 3-speed planetary gearbox. This element in winches for industry provides high speed and a secure grip. In addition, the automatic load-holding brake is a component that is overload-resistant and offers maximum safety.

Electric car winches are the best solution

As we have noticed, the most popular device for off-road expeditions is the electric winch. No wonder, because it is characterized by speed of operation, low failure rate and, above all, simplicity of installation. What's more, our electric winches, depending on the line, can be equipped with an electric switch integrated with the housing and wireless remote controls with an automatic energy saving system. As you know, during such trips it is extremely important. However, electric winches for vehicles will not only be useful in off-road vehicles, but also on tow trucks, for roadside assistance vehicles or combat vehicles, etc.

An electric winch is a reasonable and good choice

An electric winch for vehicles can often quickly and efficiently get us out of trouble. As you can see, its versatility can be used during many activities, especially when working with a heavy load. Handiness and ease of installation are one of its greatest advantages.

Therefore, check our offer and choose the most suitable one, and if you have any doubts or questions, please contact us - We will be happy to answer and advise you